‘Afterglow’, tells the story of Café ‘t Keerpunt, a historical pub in Spijkerboor, The Netherlands. The song takes the listener back into the past and taps into the feeling of the comforts of home.

Robb Murphy and his band performed at ‘t Keerpunt many times over the years. Willem Dijkema, the owner of the pub, asked Robb to write a song about his experiences. ‘Afterglow’ will be part of a compilation CD that will be released later this year by the owners of the pub to celebrate their 20-year ownership.

Rob Murphy ‘Afterglow’ album cover

Situated in the north of The Netherlands, Spijkerboor is a small village with a peaceful and rural character, where the pub is the heart of the village. Known for its live music, poetry, literature and plays the pub not only is home for the locals, but also for artists from all over the world who have performed there. People come from far to see their favorite artists play. Café ‘t Keerpunt’s warm-heartedness, hospitality, and history make this pub one of a kind. It is a pub where the stories and the music will never stop.

‘Afterglow’ will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes, iTunes Music Player, Google Play Music, Amazon, and other online music stores fromthe15thof March 2019. You can keep up to date with the latest from Robb via his website.

Ralph McLean of BBC-Radio Ulster says, “Robb Murphy is a real talent. His songs are melodic and magical. He writes from the heart and the results are spellbinding.”

You can listen to Robb’s new song on Oxygen Radio UK with the song going out live through the week.

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